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    Pomoc w aplikacji na studia w UK

    Poszukujesz pomocy w zakresie aplikowania na studia w Wielkiej Brytanii? Szukasz wsparcia w sprawie studiów licencjackich, magisterskich, a może nawet tzw. Foundation Year, czyli Rok Zerowy?

    Dzięki nam bezpłatnie zaaplikujesz na wybrane kierunki w Anglii w preferowanym uniwersytecie. Możesz na nas liczyć w zakresie przygotowania listu motywacyjnego i uzyskania referencji, dzięki którym na pewno zakwalifikujesz się na wybrany kierunek!

    Opinie i recenzje

    Course: Business Management and Human Resource Management (BA Hons)

    I had a pleasure to meet Team Edu4u in person – they are so friendly! After the whole process of the application they have helped me with the accommodation, student finance and has given me a lot of tips! I can easily say that going to study abroad was one of the best decisions in my life.

    Łukasz Siwanowicz

    Course: Law

    For me, the main motivation to study in the UK was much wider development prospects. The classes are mainly lectures and group seminars, but also a lot of work, as the studies only involve about 12 contact hours per week. The first steps in the UK should be taken quickly. The biggest obstacles seem to be formalities and looking for a job or a flat. I am sure that by using Edu4U’s support in these matters, you will make the right decision and save yourself time and stress.

    Michał Zawiślak

    Course: Business Management

    Their team members are easy to talk to and organizing meetings with them was always fast and simple. They take everything you tell them into account to offer the best possible advice and I highly recommend anyone looking to study in the UK to apply to their University of choice through them as it is free, and no other agent has ever given me so much support.

    Pablo Cordone

    Course: Tourism Management

    I highly recommend it, great staff are always available to help and answer any questions. Very professional, very patient to answer all the questions.I’m starting UNI now on the 9th of November 2020. I can’t thank them enough!

    Sonia Diniz

    Course: business Economics

    For those who have never heard about them you need to know that they will be there for you giving you all the support needed for you to achieve what you want. I am so glad that once I got in touch with them I was able to witness my dream of studying in the UK becoming true step by step. If it wasn’t also for their support and genuine care I wouldn’t get into University.

    It was so quick and in less than 2 months I was able to get there so I fully recommend it.

    Dener Major